Johnson County, Arkansas

Public Library

We offer a number of services at our library.  We have numerous items available for checkout.  These items include books, audio, videos, magazines, fishing poles, and video games.  We also offer a number of online databases that we make readily available to the public.  

Another service that we offer is if there is a specific item you are searching for and we do not own it we will try and borrow it from another library system.  

How do you obtain a library card?

To obtain a free regional library card a patron must present 2 forms of ID which have a current address.  Examples include a driver's license, a utuility bill, or a piece of mail, and a photo ID.  The photo ID can double as one form of the address ID.  Patrons under the ages of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian's signature to obtain a library card and the parent/guardian must be present with the required ID.  

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