Johnson County, Arkansas

Circuit Clerk—Alicia Nowotny-Stewart


Domestic Relations Division – Types of cases filed under this division include: Divorce, Annulment, Separate Maintenance, Custody/Visitation, Child Support, Paternity, Domestic Abuse, Contempt, and Body Attachments.  In order to file a domestic relations case it is $165.00 for the filing fee and you must have the legal forms.  The clerk’s office cannot assist you with the correct forms. We are simply the keeper of the records and we will file what you bring in; however, if the forms are incorrect the Judge has the opportunity to dismiss the case.  Our office strongly recommends consulting with an attorney. 

Civil Division—Types of cases filed under this division include: Negligence, Bad Faith, Fraud, Malpractice, Product Liability, Contract Issues, Foreclosures, Quiet Title, Injunctions, Partition, Condemnation, Replevin, Declaratory Judgment, Unlawful Detainer, Incorporations, Foreign Judgments, Administrative Appeals, Property Forfeitures, Removal of Disabilities, and Name Changes.

Criminal Division— the Criminal division handles all felony cases for the county and any appeals from the misdemeanor side of District Court.

Juvenile Division—the Juvenile division handles any FINS, DHS, or delinquent cases.  The court is sealed.  Only the attorneys involved and the courts have access to these cases unless given permission through the Judge. 


In the Circuit Clerks office we handle all of the recording of the land records, liens, and bonds.  There are several fees associated with these things and they are as follows:

Pursuant to Act 615 of 2007 effective July 31, 2007 filing fees will now be as follows:

1.   For recording Deeds, Deeds of Trust, Mortgages, Release Deeds, and Powers of  Attorney the filing fee will be: $15.00 for first page  $ 5.00 for each addt’l page

2.    For recording Mortgage Assignments, Mortgage Releases, and other Instruments when multiple instruments are listed in a single document, an additional fee per instrument will be:$15.00 per instrument listed, not to exceed $300.00

3.   For recording Plats, Survey Plats, Notary Bonds, Foreign Judgments, Writs of Execution, Writs of Garnishment, Materialman’s Liens, and Other Recordable Instruments, except as otherwise noted filing fee will be:  $15.00 for first page   $ 5.00 for each addt’l page

4.  Filing fee for Certificate of Assessment of any other instrument not Specified in this subsection will be  $ 8.00

5.  If the Recorder waives the requirement of 14-15-402 (b)(1) (see attached copy) for good cause the instrument may be recorded for an additional fee of $25.00

6.  Original filing of Financing Statement (UCC-1) with cost of Termination included will be:  $12.00

7.  Filing of Continuation, Amendment, or Partial Release of Financing Statement will be: $ 6.00

8.  Termination of Financing Statement (If original UCC was filed prior to 1994) will be $ 6.00


Jury Information:

The Circuit Clerks office is the office that selects the Jury panel for each time period.  The Jury pool in Johnson County is selected through the Voter Registration system and is updated once a year.  It is randomly selected.  Once a person is selected a juror questionnaire is sent out and the selected person must fill it out and send it back in.  If you are a “qualified juror” you are put on the juror panel for 4 months.  You are selected for 4 months but under normal circumstances you will only have to serve 2 of the 4; however, there are times when you will have to serve the entire 4 months.  The Circuit Judge is the only that can excuse you for work related issues. 

Services Offered:

The Circuit Clerks office has a number of services we can provide.  We have three public work stations that are available to the public to perform land, lien, and judgment searches on. If you have any problems our office will be available to answer questions that will assist you on your search.  We handle all of the Circuit court cases and will gladly assist you in filing your paperwork. We cannot, however give any legal advice.  All our office can do is file your paperwork.